Scarlett Bordeaux Makes Her IMPACT Wrestling Debut |

Scarlett Bordeaux Makes Her IMPACT Wrestling Debut

Scarlett Bordeaux

After weeks of mysterious vignettes, “The Smoke Show” Scarlett Bordeaux finally arrives in IMPACT Wrestling.

On the July 5 episode of IMPACT!, this vignette aired teasing the arrival of a “mysterious” new Knockout.

A similar vignette then aired on the July 12 show.

It was revealed on the July 19 episode of IMPACT! that Scarlett Bordeaux is the mysterious Knockout the wrestling world has been buzzing about.

This vignette aired hyping Bordeaux’s IMPACT Wrestling debut for the July 26 episode of IMPACT!.

Bordeaux made her debut on the July 26 episode of IMPACT!, which was taped three days earlier at The Rebel Complex in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. After making a dramatic entrance, she was interviewed on the ramp by Alicia Atout.

Scarlett started off the interview by saying that she be referred to as “The Smoke Show” Scarlett Bordeaux. She then says it’s a great time for women’s rights and she wants to be part of that. She also wants to be the greatest women’s activist of all time. When Alicia asks, “Like Susan B. Anthony?” Scarlett responds, “Ew, like Marilyn Monroe … or Cardi B.”

“I will not be hot shamed,” Bordeaux added.

When asked what “hot shamed” means, Bordeaux tells Atout that she wouldn’t expect her to know what that means. She then says to Atout, “Shut up five, a 10 is talking.” Scarlett then tells Atout to get off the stage and to go sit in the audience where she belongs.

Scarlett closed the interview by saying “The Smoke Show” is here to make wrestling sexy again.” She then licked the microphone and said to hit her music.

After being embarrassed on IMPACT!, Atout responded to Bordeaux on Twitter.

Scarlett responded:

While Bordeaux’s appearance is being promoted as her IMPACT Wrestling debut, this isn’t her first go-round with the company.

Bordeaux actually made her IMPACT Wrestling debut on May 10, 2014, at One Night Only: Knockouts Knockdown 2014, which aired on pay-per-view on November 7, 2014. A series of matches were held pitting eight Knockouts against eight independent female wrestlers and Bordeaux (under the name Scarlett) took on Angelina Love, who held the Knockouts Championship at the time the event was taped. Bordeaux lost to Love and therefore failed to qualify for the Knockouts Gauntlet match to crown the “Queen of the Knockouts” later that night.

Bordeaux returned to the IMPACT Wrestling ring a few months ago. On April 25, she faced Katarina at a TV taping in Orlando, Florida. The two-time Knockouts Champion pinned Bordeaux after hitting her with the uranage.

According to fans in attendance, this match was taped for Xplosion and/or the Global Wrestling Network. However, it likely served as a dark match tryout for company officials to get a look at Bordeaux and see if she has what it takes to be a Knockout.

We have photos of Bordeaux from her match again Katarina, which should give you an idea of how she’ll look when she makes her wrestling debut.