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Did Alexa Bliss Get A Boob Job?

Alexa Bliss

Did Alexa Bliss get a boob job?

During Raw on April 16, Ember Moon pinned Bliss’ partner in crime, Mickie James, one week after downing Alexa during her Raw debut. Bliss was supposed to join Raw Women’s Champion Nia Jax at the announce table for the match, but instead, a video aired where Bliss cut a promo saying that she has no interest in doing commentary with that “bully” Jax. She then mentioned getting a rematch against her for the Raw Women’s Championship at WWE Backlash.

As it turns out, Bliss was not at Raw at all. She revealed in various posts on Instagram Stories that she was actually at home, which naturally led to speculation as to why that is the case.

Casey of SquaredCircleSirens.com, who is often in the know on personal matters of WWE female performers, sparked rumors of Bliss’ absence from Raw last week, saying it was because “she went under the knife.”

When asked whether it was injury related or cosmetic, Casey said “cosmetic.”

Last Thursday, Bliss posted this eye-popping photo on social media revealing her sizable bust.

While Bliss is quite active on social media, she rarely posts racy photos, especially ones showing off her chest. However, it seems that she wanted to get ahead of the rumor and pretty much confirm it herself.

John Pollock of PostWrestling.com then reported on Friday that Bliss recently underwent cosmetic surgery, which will keep her out of action for a few weeks.

“Alexa Bliss recently had minor cosmetic surgery following WrestleMania,” Pollack wrote. “We were told that she is expected back soon and is still scheduled for the Backlash event on Sunday, May 6th.”

This week on Raw, Bliss teamed up with James and The Riott Squad against Jax, Sasha Banks, Bayley, Natalya and Moon in a 10-Woman Tag Team Match. Bliss, who strangely was wearing her “Little Miss Bliss” T-shirt, did not get tagged into the match or even get physical. There is a reason for Alexa’s inactivity in the match, or rather, two big reasons.

“She just got a boob job,” Dave Meltzer confirmed on Wrestling Observer Radio while recapping the match. “She was probably trying to protect herself.”

According to Meltzer, Bliss actually got breast implants before she joined WWE in 2013. Her latest surgery was done to have new implants put in.

“Bliss had recent surgery for new implants,” Meltzer wrote in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter published on Thursday. “She had them since before she started in the company and had new ones put in. This follows Billie Kay and Peyton Royce.”

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