Don't Ask Zelina Vega About Austin Aries -

Don’t Ask Zelina Vega About Austin Aries

Austin Aries and Thea Trinidad

Zelina Vega has been on fire since she was paired up with Andrade “Cien” Almas last summer. After years of toiling on the independent wrestling circuit, the New York native has finally moved forward with her career and it appears that she has moved forward with her personal life as well.

Vegas dated Austin Aries from 2012 until sometime last year, but a lot of wrestling fans aren’t aware they broke up. She made that clear today after a fan apparently suggested on Twitter that she is either married or engaged to Aries.

Vega wrote, “I am going to say this once: We are NOT together and have not been together for a very long time. We were certainly NEVER married or engaged. I’ve moved on a long time ago and do not wish to be associated with him.”

The tweet from the fan was quickly deleted so we don’t know what exactly prompted her stern response.

When Vega made her SmackDown LIVE debut back in May, Aries, who is the current Impact World Champion, congratulated her while also confirming that they are no longer a couple.

Their breakup had been rumored since last summer as Vega deleted photos of herself with Aries from her Instagram account around that time. Last summer is also when Vega reported to the WWE Performance Center and began her association with Almas.

The rumor of Vega and Aries being engaged at one point stems from Vega posting a photo of a ring on Instagram in April 2016. Vega, however, then said in this tweet that Aries actually gave her a promise ring.

For those unaware as to what a promise ring is, here is a definition from Kay Jewelers:

“As the step before an engagement ring, a promise ring symbolizes love and devotion, perfect for couples who are not quite ready for an engagement ring but want to show their commitment to each other. Promise rings can also be used as a starter engagement ring for those who are ready to propose, but cannot afford a lavish engagement ring. A promise ring doesn’t have to just be for a committed couple. It could also symbolize a promise to yourself or a promise between friends. Whatever the occasion, a promise ring is a beautiful symbol of dedication and devotion.”

Click here to see a few photos of Vegas and Aries in happier times.