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Here’s What Emmalina’s Ring Gear Would Have Looked Like


After a four-month process of transforming Emma into Emmalina, she finally showed up on Raw last February before pulling the rug out from under them and revealing it was a one-night only engagement.

Emmalina was onstage for about a minute, showing off her new look before announcing that she would be undergoing yet another makeover: from Emmalina back into Emma.

Now we know how the Emmalina character would have looked like had she wrestled.

Earlier this week, WWE.com posted a gallery of unseen studio photos, including this shot of Emma in her Emmalina wrestling attire.

The photo was quickly deleted, but not before it began circulating on social media.

WWE officials really did have big plans for the Emmalina character. But after multiple rehearsals, they felt she couldn’t pull off what they were looking for and nixed it.

Emmalina was intended to be a throwback to past WWE Divas, such as Sable and The Kat. However, her debut was constantly delayed since officials felt that she wasn’t committing enough to the role. They eventually gave up and Emma went back to portraying her previous heel character.

WWE officials are still big fans of the character’s concept, which is why they held hope it would work out. It now looks like Lana will do what WWE had in mind for the character.