Backstage Reason On Why Sami Zayn Usually Loses, WWE Superstar's Suspension Ending -

Backstage Reason On Why Sami Zayn Usually Loses, WWE Superstar’s Suspension Ending

Sami Zayn

Last week on Raw, Alberto Del Rio pinned Sami Zayn in approximately eight minutes with the double foot stomp after an eye poke and enzuigiri. The reason WWE often has Zayn lose is because they believe it will get fans behind him.

“They are booking with the idea that Zayn should lose lots of matches because it’ll get people mad and behind him more,” Dave Meltzer said in the latest issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. “Zayn has the likeable thing going in his promos and is a super worker like Bryan, and that did pay off for Bryan, but the same booking cooled far more babyfaces off and kept them stuck at the mid-level and Bryan is the only success with it.”

Konnor’s suspension from WWE ends this Wednesday. He was suspended for 60 days on April 16 for his second violation of the company’s Talent Wellness Program.