Bayley Had Her First Wrestling Match 10 Years Ago Today (Video) -

Bayley Had Her First Wrestling Match 10 Years Ago Today (Video)


Today is a special day for Bayley as it is exactly 10 years ago when she had her first wrestling match.

The 29-year-old WWE Superstar made note of the anniversary in this tweet.

Under the name Davina Rose, she teamed up with Shane Ballard against Melissa Coates and Shannon Ballard in an intergender match at a Big Time Wrestling event in Newark, California. Coates pinned the future WWE Superstar to score the win.

You can watch Bayley’s wrestling debut in the two videos below.

Before becoming Bayley, she did an interview in November 2011 talking about her time on the independents so far, including her wrestling debut.

She said, “My debut match was in September of 2008. I teamed up with Shane Ballard and took on Melissa Coates and Shannon Ballard. The night before my match, I couldn’t sleep at all. Leading up to it I was so nervous that the day I’ve been waiting for seven years was actually here, and once our music hit and I was behind the curtain I remember telling myself, ‘What the hell are you doing?’ I admit, once I walked out and heard my friends and family I got really teary eyed but it was an amazing feeling that can’t be explained unless you experience it yourself. I had so much fun and I remember the next day when I woke up I seriously thought it was all a dream.”

Bayley did an interview earlier this year looking back at her journey from competing as Davina Rose to becoming a WWE Superstar.