Big Show Not A Fan Of TV Tapings, Says They Are 'Long, Useless, Time-Wasting' Days -

Big Show Not A Fan Of TV Tapings, Says They Are ‘Long, Useless, Time-Wasting’ Days

Big Show

The World’s Largest Athlete says he loves to wrestle at live events, but when it comes to TV tapings, Big Show isn’t a fan — something he made very clear this week on Chris Jericho‘s podcast.

The WWE Superstar was interviewed on Talk Is Jericho and was asked if he enjoys being in the locker room still after all this time. Show answered, “I love the Friday, Saturday, Sunday live event shows. I hate TVs.”

He adds, “TVs I just wanna bash myself in the head with a hammer … they’re just long, useless, time-wasting, bullshit days where you sit around all day for some friggin idea that absolutely sucks.”

Big Show even took a few shots at fellow members of the WWE roster (even though he didn’t mention anyone specifically) as he stated that many of them are “catered to” and “if they mess up, they get patted on the back.” He added that they “can’t take an ass-chewing because they fold like aluminum foil.”

Big Show goes on to express his unhappiness over people who have never wrestled telling him what to do backstage and how baffling some of the storylines can be.