Charlotte Flair Responds To Becky Lynch's Diss About Her Breast Implant Surgery -

Charlotte Flair Responds To Becky Lynch’s Diss About Her Breast Implant Surgery

Becky Lynch got personal with Charlotte Flair on Friday as the SmackDown Women’s Champion took a shot at her former friend missing time over the summer due to breast implant surgery.

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Flair shot back at Lynch with the following:

Flair revealed in an interview with Maria Menounos in July that she underwent surgery the month before to repair two ruptured breast implants.

“Well, a couple months ago I kept having this pain behind my shoulder blade. I was like, ‘This is not normal.’ I mean, I did all my stretching. I did the shoulder stability exercises that my trainer told me to do — our trainers on the road,” Flair said.

“Well, I finally went and had a mammogram and an ultrasound and the doctor said that I just had free-floating silicone all in my chest from both implants. So I ruptured both implants is exactly what they’d call it.”

While Charlotte needed to get this problem taken care of, her busy schedule hindered her from doing so. Flair continued to work through the pain and delayed surgery until she felt that it was convenient.

“I said, ‘I’ve got a lot of big things coming up.’ Like, I knew I had WrestleMania, I knew I had the “Body Issue.” I just wasn’t going to say anything … could I just wait? I finally got to have them re-done [in June],” Flair said.

In waiting to get the surgery done, the situation continued to worsen.

“I got sick a few times — that may have been from it,” Flair recalled. “The silicone got all the way in my armpit.”

Flair also said it’s tough to come to the realization that she got sidelined for what she called “not a legitimate injury.”

“I’m sitting out because of my tatas!”

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