CM Punk Responds To Fan About Possibly Joining All Elite Wrestling -

CM Punk Responds To Fan About Possibly Joining All Elite Wrestling

CM Punk

Former WWE Superstar CM Punk continues to give no indication that he plans to sign with All Elite Wrestling.

Punk responded to a fan today on Twitter after the fan asked him if he would “disappoint” his fans by not joining AEW.

Punk then tweeted comedian Ron Funches and rapper Wale alluding to him not joining AEW.

Punk, however, made sure to note that he’s “appreciative of everything that’s happened on my journey.”

The 40-year-old Punk has been out of wrestling since leaving WWE in January 2014 and he has instead focused on a career in mixed martial arts.

Punk lost each of his two UFC fights decisively, however, which has led to speculation that a return to wrestling could be in his future.

That talk was fueled recently by a reported surprise appearance he made at an independent wrestling show in April. It is widely believed that Punk did a run-in at a MKE Wrestling show in Wisconsin under a mask. The masked wrestler executed the GTS, which is Punk’s finisher.

While the masked wrestler never showed his face, MKE Wrestling owner Silas Young suggested strongly that it was Punk:

Punk unloaded on WWE following his departure in 2014, and it doesn’t seem like he would be willing to go back there any time soon. If he still has some desire to wrestle, though, AEW would be an ideal alternative.

AEW has also created the perfect opportunity for him to return since the All Out pay-per-view is taking place August 31 at Sears Centre Arena, which is just outside Punk’s hometown of Chicago.