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Dana Brooke

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Dana Brooke proves why she may be the hottest woman in WWE in these photos that shows the former bikini fitness competitor wearing very little, and leaving even less to the imagination . . .

Nude Photos Of Dana Brooke Leak Online ▸
A few months prior to debuting on WWE’s main roster, naked photos of Dana Brooke hit the internet. A Twitter account specializing in lewd photos of women wrestlers leaked nude pics . . .

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A Look At Dana Brooke

Dana Brooke

Dana Brooke Photos

Nude Photos Of Dana Brooke Leak Online

Dana Brooke

A few months prior to joining WWE’s main roster, nude photos of Dana Brooke were leaked online.

A popular Twitter account specializing in erotic photos of females in the professional wrestling industry released two nude photos of the Ohio native last December.

Brooke, whose real name is Ashley Mae Sebera, has a unique sparrow-like tattoo on her buttocks; it is visible in photos of her participating in fitness competitions. One photo, a selfie she took of herself in the bathroom, shows off the very same tattoo — her face is not visible in the image. Furthermore, the cover of her phone in the photo can be matched in a separate selfie where she is clothed.

Brooke’s face is visible in the other leaked nude photo, a bathroom selfie revealing her buttocks with her unique tattoo only partially visible.

It is not clear when these photos were taken. We are unable to show them, but a search for nude photos of Brooke on social media will point you to them.

About Dana Brooke

Dana Brooke

Coming from the world of fitness and bikini competitions, Dana Brooke arrived to the WWE Performance Center in 2013 to begin training for a career as a professional wrestler. Bringing a figure carved out of granite to the ring, the naturally gifted athlete picked up the wrestling game with ease.

While training to be a wrestler in NXT, Brooke also developed great confidence in herself. You could say the buxom blonde bombshell’s greatest admirer is staring back at her in the mirror. She has even gone so far as to make herself known as “The Total Diva.” In addition to her in-ring training, she took part in the renowned Fitness International competition at the 2015 Arnold Sports Festival, a first for a performer in NXT.

But now that the competition is out of the way, Brooke has turned her attention to WWE. Flexing on her way to the squared circle, the Ohio native makes sure members of the WWE Universe — and her opponents — are familiar with every perfectly chiseled muscle before the bell rings. Once the match starts, Brooke unleashes an arsenal of forceful slams and strikes, dominating her opponents and backing up her arrogant attitude.

Brooke plans to remold WWE in her image, beginning with the Women’s Championship. After that, who knows what the future may hold. She has the drive to make it to the upper echelon of WWE and beyond.