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Nude Photos Of Dana Brooke Leak Online

Dana Brooke

A few months before making her WWE debut, naked photos of Dana Brooke hit the internet.

A popular Twitter account specializing in erotic photos of women in wrestling leaked two nude photos of the former bikini and fitness competitor in December 2015. At the time, Brooke was a wrestler in WWE’s development division, NXT.

So how do we know it’s her in the photos?

Brooke, whose real name is Ashley Mae Sebera, has a unique sparrow-like tattoo on her butt; it is visible in photos of her participating in fitness competitions. One of the leaked photos is a nude selfie she took of herself in front of a bathroom mirror and shows off the very same tattoo — her face is not visible in the shot.

Furthermore, the cover of her phone in the photo is also seen in an Instagram selfie she once posted (she’s wearing clothes in the photo).

Brooke’s face is visible in the other leaked nude photo, a bathroom selfie revealing her butt with her unique tattoo visible again, albeit slightly.

It is not clear when these photos got taken and how they got online. We are unable to show them, but they’re not hard to find.