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Dustin Rhodes Says Goodbye To Goldust and WWE


After entertaining the WWE Universe since 1995, Goldust is no more.

All Elite Wrestling announced Saturday that the man behind the gold and black face paint, Dustin Rhodes, will face his brother, Cody Rhodes, at their Double or Nothing pay-per-view event. This will be the inaugural event under the AEW banner and take place at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas suburb of Paradise, Nevada on May 25.

The match was built up on the latest episode of AEW’s online series, Road to Double or Nothing. Dustin was the focus of the video, with him saying he loves Cody and is proud of him but discussing a rift that exists between them. Dustin painted half of his face in the video, saying that the red stands for life and the black stands for death.

Dustin said Cody is making a mistake by having a match with him, that Cody is facing his reckoning, and their fight needs to end and should have ended years ago. Dustin closed the episode by saying: “One last ride — or is it?”

When AEW made the announcement, WWE.com listed Goldust as a current Superstar. The profile got moved to the Alumni section today and Rhodes issued a statement on Twitter and Instagram announcing his departure from WWE after they granted his request to be released from his contract.

“Hello @wweuniverse! To begin, I want to say just how much I appreciate you allowing me to entertain you over these long and winding years. Being the son of the legendary Dream has been and will always be an immense honor and blessing to me, and I have always done my best to fill his shoes while transitioning into my own. I have had so many ups and downs in our great business and I’ve learned from every time that I have fallen down and every mistake I have made.

“My life has been an open book for you fans and friends all over this wide world. You’ve been there to see my trials and tribulations and have stuck with me through it all. You’ve hated me, you’ve loved me, you’ve laughed with me, and you’ve cried with me. You’ve immensely enjoyed my antics and entertainment, and I would like to think that I’ve done a good job. That I’ve done my father proud. I was born straight into the thick of this business. It is and always has been my life and I have loved every moment of the ride. I want to thank you all for the unwavering support you have given me. Thank you.

“With that being said, I’ve been putting my body through quite a bit these last 30 years, and many opportunities that have been presented to me have taken a backseat to my love of wrestling. I have requested my release from WWE and it has been granted. I am taking this time to explore some of those many opportunities. Life is too short to not take ALL the chances you feel driven to take, and I will give this next chapter my full focus and effort. I would appreciate your continued support as I turn this page in my life and go wherever this journey may lead me next.

@WWE has given me and my family such incredible years and experiences and I have nothing but respect and warmth for everyone there. The roster is stacked with awe-inspiring talent who want the best and are breaking down all barriers to grab that coveted, elusive brass ring. To WWE, and to each and every one of my co-workers, I love you, I appreciate you, and I thank you for loving and taking care of me for so long. Keep doing your thing and find *you* out there. Thank you so very much and God bless.

“Remember and never forget the name of……#Goldust.

“Til next time…

Rhodes also posted this video saying goodbye to Goldust.