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D’Angelo Dinero Talked To Triple H About Returning To WWE

"The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero

In January 2013, “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero parted ways with TNA. Not interested in signing an contract extension, Dinero took a break from wrestling before returning to the independent scene, mainly for Ohio Valley Wrestling. He returned to TNA in June 2015, primarily to work as an announcer on Impact Wrestling (he competed in a match in October at Bound For Glory, a Bound For Gold Gauntlet Match that was won by Tyrus.

During a recent interview, the WWE Superstar formerly known as Elijah Burke revealed that he was in talks to returning to the sports-entertainment organization. Dinero said he talked to WWE officials about working as a commentator, but no deal was made.

“There were some talks with the E’ (WWE),” said Dinero. “It didn’t flourish as fast or as quick as it was hoped to be. There was contact made with Triple H. I spoke to higher-ups in the company as well. In the end, the opportunity for the commentary job opened up. It was more of a ‘wait and see’ type of thing with WWE at the time. TNA offered the opportunity and it fight for me at this time in my career.”