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Emma On Returning To The Ring From Injury, Bobby Roode’s First SmackDown Live Events, Rhea Ripley


FOX Sports Australia interviewed Emma this week, who was promoting WWE’s tour of Australia next month. During the interview, she discussed suffering a shoulder injury in May, which kept her out of action for a month.

“I was in Europe in Liverpool for a live event. I was in a tag match taking one of the moves and my arm got caught on the rope and I dislocated my shoulder,” Emma said. “I tore my labrum and at that point it was either go into surgery or rehab. I committed to the rehab, not wanting to have any more time off. I was at the PC (WWE Performance Centre) twice a day to rehab and in the gym doing my own stuff. It took about a month and then they cleared me to wrestle.”

– Bobby Roode will be working his first SmackDown live events with this weekend’s shows in Moline, Illinois and Cedar Falls, Iowa as well as Monday’s live event in Omaha, Nebraska. The following weekend he will finish his NXT dates with shows in Rochester, New York, St. Catharines, Ontario and Toronto, Ontario while the SmackDown crew has that weekend off as they rest up for the tour in Hawaii and China the following week.

– An amped-up Rhea Ripley comments on the atmosphere of the Mae Young Classic moments after her triumphant WWE debut against Miranda Salinas.