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WWE Flashes Back To Eva Marie’s Wardrobe Malfunction

Eva Marie

Eva Marie may be gone from WWE, but she’s certainly not forgotten.

The latest edition of WWE Top 10 flashes back to 10 of the most embarrassing moments in WWE and WCW history, including Eva Marie’s wardrobe malfunction on SmackDown LIVE on August 9, 2016.

Before she was scheduled to face Becky Lynch, Eva Marie experienced a wardrobe malfunction that led to the bout being called off. This came one week after she had an unfortunate “injury” right before a match against Lynch.

The incident has been a huge hit on WWE’s YouTube channel as the original video clip has drawn over 35 million views so far.

WWE’s top 10 moments from the episode is an even bigger hit, drawing 50 million views and counting. It is the most watched video on WWE’s YouTube channel from 2016.

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