Fred 'Typhoon' Ottman Gives Update On His Health After Legends Ask Fans To Send Prayers -

Fred ‘Typhoon’ Ottman Gives Update On His Health After Legends Ask Fans To Send Prayers


Last week, both Lanny Poffo and Lisa Marie Varon (aka Victoria and Tara) indicated that former WWE and WCW wrestler Fred Ottman (aka Typhoon, Tugboat, and The Shockmaster), 61, is in poor health after asking their social media followers to keep him in their prayers.

On Monday, Ottman posted a video on Facebook addressing his health and revealed that he is dealing with an infection in his left leg after bumping his foot. Ottman said he feels “perkier,” but that he’s “not out of the woods” yet as he needs to take medication for at least a few more days. The retired wrestler is also thankful for the thoughts and prayers.

Ottman is apparently OK enough to travel soon from his residence in Saint Petersburg, Florida. On Monday, he posted this advertisement on Instagram for an appearance next month at an independent wrestling show in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.


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Ottman is best known for his appearances with WWE from 1989 to 1993 (then known as the World Wrestling Federation) as Tugboat and Typhoon. During this time, he once held the World Tag Team Championship with Earthquake.

After leaving WWE, Ottman found himself at the center of one of the most infamous moments in wrestling history. His WCW debut as “The Shockmaster” in August 1993 where he donned a Storm Trooper helmet and tumbled through a wall in front of a live television audience is considered one of the most unintentionally funny moments in wrestling history.

WCW officials attempted to salvage the incident by introducing a new character called The Super Shockmaster. Also portrayed by Ottman, he got presented as The Shockmaster’s nephew, and referred to The Shockmaster as “Uncle Fred.” This persona did not last long as he left WCW in early 1994.

Ottman returned to WWE as Typhoon in May 1994, taking the place of his former partner Earthquake in house show matches against Yokozuna after Earthquake left the promotion. Ottman left WWE in August 1994 and wrestled on the U.S. indie circuit and internationally until retiring from the ring in 2001.