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Jim Ross Blogs On Lita’s Departure From WWE, John Cena Working A Part-time Schedule, WWE Cuts


In his latest blog, Jim Ross offers his thoughts on Lita’s departure from WWE, John Cena working a part-time schedule, talent being released from WWE, and more.

Lita’s departure from WWE:

After I was told that Lita and The King were both still with WWE, Lita DM’ed me on Twitter to tell me that she was no longer with the company. I don’t know if she opted out of her arrangement with WWE or if they decided to go in another direction. In any event, change is in the air as it relates to the expensive production of the RAW and SDLIVE pre and post game shows.

Who makes the decisions in WWE on releasing talent?

It’s quasi-amazing that some fans are so ignorant that they actually believe that back in the day when I was an administrator in WWE that I went into business for myself when releasing WWE talents. That unenviable task was a part of my job and I always got the marching orders from above to make those personnel moves. I hold no animosity to any talents who still have ‘heat’ with me and if being angry at me helps them to address their own professional shortcomings then I’m happy to be their scapegoat.

What actor Jim Carrey once told him:

Jim Carrey once told Jerry Lawler and me on the set of ‘Man on the Moon’ the following, ‘Hollywood puts more stock on youth and look than they do on experience and skill.’ Hmm…

John Cena working a part-time schedule for WWE:

It seems that John Cena is traveling much the same road that Dwayne Johnson has taken in his post-WWE life which I applaud. Just like @TheRock, @JohnCena is and always will be a WWE guy who may never wrestle a full-time schedule again, likely not IMO, but will always be loyal to the company that helped launch his amazing career.

I know of no wrestler with reasonable sanity that is that would not trade the bumping and the road schedule, etc for the life of a TV or movie personality. Would you? I didn’t think so.

Ross also offers his thoughts on Total Divas, Linda McMahon in Donald Trump’s administration, and changes in the UFC with new ownership. You can check out his entire entry here.