King Barrett on How He's Enjoying His Wrestling Career, Possibly Turning Babyface, Acting -

King Barrett on How He’s Enjoying His Wrestling Career, Possibly Turning Babyface, Acting

King Barrett

– King Barrett recently spoke with The Independent to promote the WWE UK tour. The full interview can be read at this link. Below are highlights:

How are you enjoying your wrestling career at the moment? You’ve recently been filming a movie and you changed your twitter handle to your real name. Are you still as heavily invested in the business as you have been in the past?

I’m still as passionate about wrestling as I ever was, but I think it’s inevitable that at some point in your career you’ve got to start looking for things outside of wrestling. I’m not going to wrestle forever, though I certainly feel that I’ve got a lot of time left in me if I want to. Maybe at some point I’ll be taking a career break, I’m not sure.

I’ve done some movie work lately and that’s an area I really enjoyed and would be looking to explore. Certainly in terms of acting and doing things outside of wrestling, that’s something I’ll be looking to do more of in the not-too-distant future.

With the exception of when you perform in Britain, you’ve portrayed a ‘heel’ character throughout your entire WWE career. Have you ever had ambitions to establish a more likeable persona on screen?

For the most part I excel as being the bad guy, and that’s definitely a strong point for me. There was a period about a year ago when I was performing as Bad News Barrett that I felt that the company should have turned me into the good guy kind of role because I think the fans were wanting that at that time.

I suggested it, but the powers that be made the decision that they didn’t want me to do that, instead they wanted me to continue as the bad guy. That decision was made at the time, but I feel that at the moment it’s not the right time for me to be a fan favourite because I’m universally hated. Maybe one day it will change, but I’m currently quite happy being the bad guy.

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