Latest News On Tammy Sytch's Adult Film -

Latest News On Tammy Sytch’s Adult Film


Days after going on TMZ and telling everyone that she would be okay to do a sex tape if the money is right, Tammy Sytch (a/k/a Sunny) revealed that she in fact has already recorded a porno for Vivid Entertainment after she was offered more money.

Sunny said that following Vivid’s chief Steve Hirsch initial offer of $100,000, he came back with an offer “much, much higher” and was okay to strip naked and do whatever needed to be done in front of the camera.

The title of the film is Sunny Side Up: In Through the Backdoor and Vivid has released a one minute teaser of what’s to come. The video is not fully finished and TMZ reports that she will be shooting new scenes prior to the full release.

According to, scenes were filmed in March and the TMZ reports of negotiations over the past week were done for publicity. The film is expected to be released this spring at the latest.

On her Facebook account, Sytch asked that people not discuss the film on her wall (which she calls her latest project).

She wrote, “Yeah, so the news is out. Understand this: there are some people who read this page under the age of 18. DO NOT post any details about my latest project on my wall…ANYWHERE. If you do, you will be permantly blocked. Thank you. Tamara Lynn Sytch.”