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WWE SmackDown 1/16/18

– Tonight’s WWE SmackDown opens with the usual intro video.

– We’re live from Laredo, TX with Tom Phillips, Corey Graves and Byron Saxton.

WWE United States Title Tournament Match: Xavier Woods vs. Jinder Mahal

We go right to the ring and out comes The New Day – Big E and Kofi Kingston accompany Xavier Woods to the ring. The winner of this match will face the winner of Bobby Roode vs. Mojo Rawley in the tournament finals next week. There’s an election-type podium set up in the middle of the ring. Kofi talks about how the freedom of the United States is on the line tonight as Woods takes on The Modern Day Maharaja. They go on taking shots at Jinder Mahal and get fans to do a vote. Woods asks the fans to lend him their strength so he can defeat Jinder and go on to become the new WWE United States Champion. Greg Hamilton introduces The Singh Brothers next and out they come with a mic to give Jinder an introduction.

The bell rings and Jinder immediately drops Woods with a big boot. Jinder stands tall over Woods and wastes some time as we get a replay. Jinder works Woods around the ring now and puts a knee to the face as the referee warns him. Jinder takes Woods down and drives a knee into his back. Jinder with more offense and another knee drop. Jinder keeps control and drops down onto Woods for a 2 count. Jinder keeps Woods grounded now as Big E and Kofi wave pancakes at him.

Woods fights up and out. Woods nails a dropkick but runs into an elbow in the corner. Woods goes back down. Jinder drops a big blow to the chest and covers for another pin attempt. We go to commercial with Jinder in control.

Back from the break and Jinder is still in control. Woods makes a comeback as fans try to rally for him but Jinder shuts him down with a clothesline for another 2 count. Jinder works Woods over while he’s on the mat some more.

Jinder chokes Woods with the middle rope right in front of Kofi and Big E. Jinder puts a knee to the throat in the corner now as the referee warns him. Jinder drops several knees to Woods and keeps him down. The Singh Brothers look like they might interfere but Kofi and Big E warn them with pancakes. Jinder keeps control of Woods as fans chant for pancakes now. Woods fights to his feet again but Jinder drops him ribs-first over the top rope. Jinder with a knee to the face. Jinder traps Woods in the ring apron and works him over as the referee counts. Jinder with more offense as Woods is down on the floor now. Jinder returns to the ring and stands tall as the referee counts Woods. Big E and Kofi try to cheer Woods back in.

Woods makes it back in right before the 10 count. Woods fights back on Jinder and unloads but Jinder whips him hard into the corner and he goes down. Jinder beats on Woods while he’s down again and keeps him grounded. Jinder runs into a boot in the corner. Woods goes for the Honor Roll but Jinder blocks it with a big knee for another 2 count. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and Woods nails a missile dropkick from the top. Woods unloads but Jinder nails him in the throat. Woods comes right back with more offense. Woods nails a big right hand to drop Jinder. Jinder fights back but Woods drops him with an enziguri. Woods keeps control and hits a Shining Wizard. The Singh Brothers get on the apron for a distraction but Kofi and Big E chase them to the back. Woods with a belly-to-back suplex on Jinder.

Woods waits for Jinder to get up as fans clap for him. Woods goes to the top and walks out onto the rope but misses the big elbow drop. Jinder launches Woods into the bottom rope and the referee checks on him. Fans boo as Jinder stands tall and talks some trash but wastes some time. Jinder picks Woods up and nails The Khallas for the win. Jinder advances to the finals next week.

Winner: Jinder Mahal

– After the match, Jinder hits the corner to pose as his music plays. We see the WWE United States Title on display at ringside. We go to replays. Jinder stands tall as we get a look at the updated brackets.

– The announcers hype the 30-man Royal Rumble match. We see a recent backstage Twitter video from Baron Corbin talking about how he will win the match and main event WrestleMania 34.

– Still to come, The Riott Squad vs. Charlotte Flair, Naomi and Becky Lynch. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and the announcers talk about Bill Goldberg going into the WWE Hall of Fame.

– The announcers also plug the 2-on-1 Handicap Match for the WWE Title at the Royal Rumble. WWE Champion AJ Styles is backstage with Renee Young right now. AJ says the match with Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn isn’t fair but he’s not worried because he will get a win over Sami and Owens, who he’s now calling Kami. AJ goes on and says he’s gotten to where he’s at by overcoming obstacles and he will do whatever he can to make sure this “Yep! Movement” comes to an end. AJ says Kami isn’t facing just anyone at the Royal Rumble, they’re stepping into the ring with the WWE Champion. AJ says this isn’t The Kami Show, this is SmackDown – the house that AJ Styles built.

– We get a video package with several female blue brand Superstars talking about how they will win the first-ever women’s Royal Rumble match later this month.

WWE United States Title Tournament Match: Bobby Roode vs. Mojo Rawley

We go to the ring and out comes Bobby Roode to a pop. The winner of this semi-final match will face Jinder Mahal in the finals of the tournament on next Tuesday’s SmackDown. Roode does his entrance and we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and out comes Mojo Rawley with his new theme song. We get some back & forth to start the match. Roode slams Mojo down on his front and then taunts Mojo with the “Glorious” pose and fan chant. Mojo gets upset and charges but they go to the corner. Roode turns it around in the corner and decks Mojo. Roode drops Mojo again and covers for a 1 count.

Roode keeps Mojo grounded now. Mojo fights up and out to drop Roode with a big elbow. Mojo keeps control and runs right through Roode. Mojo argues with the referee now and tells him to get out of his way. Mojo with more offense in the corner now. Mojo drops Roode with a headbutt and talks some trash as we get a replay of Mojo flooring Roode. Mojo with a knee and another shot into the corner. Roode looks to fight back but Mojo shuts him down and sends him out to the floor. Mojo taunts Roode and runs around the ring, knocking Roode into the barrier. Mojo stands over Roode and talks more trash as the referee warns them. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and Mojo talks trash while stretching Roode in the middle of the ring. Mojo keeps control and drops Roode with a boot. Mojo with a 2 count. Mojo pounces on Roode and talks trash about cracking one of Roode’s ribs. Mojo with shoulder thrusts in the corner now. Mojo keeps Roode grounded with another submission and talks more trash while stretching him.

Roode keeps trying to turn it around but Mojo shuts him down again. Mojo with another shoulder in the corner. Mojo charges for another shoulder in the corner but Roode moves and Mojo hits the steel ring post. Roode looks to make a comeback now. Roode keeps control and hits a neckbreaker. Roode goes to the second rope and nails a Blockbuster for a 2 count.

Mojo blocks the Glorious DDT and drives Roode into the mat face first. Mojo with another close 2 count. Mojo can’t believe it as we get a replay. Mojo slams Roode back into the corner a few times, talking more trash and mocking Roode. Mojo charges in the corner but Roode gets his boots up. Roode catches Mojo with a big Spinebuster. Rode calls for it and then hits the Glorious DDT to get the pin and advance to the finals next Tuesday.

Winner: Bobby Roode

– After the match, Roode celebrates until The Singh Brothers attack him from behind. They beat him down but Roode clears the ring as Jinder watches from the ramp. The Singh Brothers join Jinder on the ramp as Roode recovers in the ring. Jinder says he will put an end to Roode’s glorious charade next week and become the new WWE United States Champion. Roode stands up and calls for a mic as fans chant his name. Roode says they don’t have to wait until next week. Roode suggests they do the match tonight and a “yes!” chant starts up in the crowd. Jinder says no because they will do it when he decides on his time. Jinder wants Roode to have 1 full week to think about how The Modern Day Maharaja is going to embarrass and beat him. SmackDown General Manager Daniel Bryan comes down and announces that the match will take place tonight. Bryan’s music hits as a big “yes!” chant breaks out. Jinder stares Roode down as Roode talks trash from the ring.

– Still to come, six-woman action. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and we get more hype for tonight’s Mixed Match Challenge premiere.

– They show Randy Orton’s Twitter video that talked about how he thrives in the chaos of the Royal Rumble and how he will go on to main event WrestleMania 34 this year.

Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch and Naomi vs. The Riott Squad

We go to the ring and out first comes SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair. Becky Lynch is out next and Naomi is out last for their team. The Riott Squad is out next – Liv Morgan, Sarah Logan and Ruby Riott.

Flair starts things off with Liv as we get the bell. Flair sends Liv to the mat first. Liv comes right back with a kick but Flair catches the leg and takes her back to the mat. Flair with another takedown for a 1 count. Flair tosses Liv to the mat once again for another pin attempt. Liv looks to mount some offense but Flair nails chops. Flair launches Liv into her own corner and in comes Ruby. Ruby charges but Flair drops her for a quick pin attempt. Flair keeps control and takes Ruby too the mat with a scissors. Flair uses those scissors to manhandle Ruby on the mat. Flair shows off some more and continues dominating the match.

Becky tags in for a pop as they double team Ruby by taking turns on her. Becky dives and takes Ruby down. Naomi tags in next with a low clothesline on Ruby. Becky tags in as Ruby goes to the floor for a breather. Becky nails a flying clothesline off the apron to knock Ruby back down on the floor. Liv and Logan come help Ruby to safety as the babyfaces stare them down and talk some trash. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and Ruby finally tosses Becky to the mat as the match has turned around. Liv tags in for some double teaming. Liv takes Becky back down and covers for a 2 count. Liv taunts Becky in her face now. Becky fights up and out but Liv stops her from tagging and slams her to the mat by her hair. Logan tags in for a double team. Logan keeps Becky grounded now.

Becky looks for a comeback but Logan runs over her. Logan wastes some time and Becky throws her over the top rope to the floor. Logan ends up dropping Flair off the apron with a cheap shot. This backfires as Becky turns it around on Logan. Liv and Naomi tag in at the same time. Naomi unloads on Liv. Ruby gets knocked off the apron. Fans pop for Naomi after a kick from the middle rope to Liv. Naomi goes on and hits a dropkick to Liv. Naomi drops Liv with a kick from the apron. Naomi comes flying in with a crossbody for a 2 count as Logan breaks it up. Flair takes Logan out with a Spear. Liv and Naomi go at it. Ruby kicks Naomi from the apron while the referee isn’t looking. Liv takes advantage and drops Naomi for the pin.

Winners: The Riott Squad

– After the match, The Riott Squad stands tall as we go to replays. We come back to The Riott Squad looking on from the stage as the babyfaces recover in the ring.

– Dasha Fuentes is backstage with SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Usos, asking about their 2 of 3 Falls Match against Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin at the Royal Rumble. They take shots at Gable and Benjamin, calling them chumps. The Usos go on until Gable and Benjamin attack them from behind and beat them down. Gable and Benjamin taunt The Usos and call them former champions. They leave as referees calls for help for The Usos. They get to their feet and aren’t happy.

– The announcers plug tonight’s Mixed Match Challenge finals with Shinsuke Nakamura & Natalya vs. Finn Balor & Sasha Banks.

– Still to come, the finals of the WWE United States Title tournament. The Singh Brothers will be banned from ringside.

– Still to come, an in-depth look at the 2-on-1 WWE Title Handicap Match at the Royal Rumble. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and we get a video package on what led to WWE Champion AJ Styles defending against Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn in a Handicap Match at the Rumble.

– We get Shinsuke Nakamura’s Twitter video on winning the Royal Rumble.

WWE United States Title Tournament Finals: Bobby Roode vs. Jinder Mahal

We go to the ring for tonight’s main event and out comes SmackDown Commissioner Shane McMahon. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and SmackDown General Manager Daniel Bryan is also out with Shane to watch the match. Bobby Roode and Jinder Mahal are already in the ring as Hamilton does formal ring introductions. The Singh Brothers are banned from ringside.

They get off to a slow start but Roode takes control and works Jinder over. Jinder quickly turns it back around and beats Roode down in the corner, focusing on the ribs. Roode clutches the ribs as Jinder keeps the attack ground. Roode turns it around in the corner again and mounts Jinder with right hands as fans count along. Roode ends up sending Jinder out to the floor but Roode is moving slow in this match. Jinder takes advantage on the floor and sends Roode into the steel steps, ribs first. Jinder drops Roode’s ribs over the top of the barrier and stands tall as fans boo. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and Jinder continues to focus on Roode’s injured ribs. Jinder runs the ropes and knocks Roode from the apron to the barrier. Jinder brings it back in and applies an abdominal stretch. Roode fights out and rocks Jinder but Jinder takes him back down with a knee to the gut. Jinder with a shot to the back for another 2 count as Shane looks on.

Roode fights back as Jinder keeps control in the middle of the ring. Jinder drops Roode again with another knee and covers for a 2 count. Jinder takes his time with Roode and keeps him grounded now. Roode comes back again but Jinder floors him with a big kick to the face for another close pin attempt.

Fans boo as Jinder works Roode around the ring. Roode finally catches a break after sending Jinder to the floor. Roode with a flying clothesline off the apron. Roode brings it back into the ring and goes to the top. Roode goes for a crossbody but Jinder rolls through for a 2 count. Roode turns it around again and manages to hit the Blockbuster from the second rope this time. Roode with a close 2 count. More back and forth as Jinder blocks the Glorious DDT and covers for a 2 count. They both collide and go down as Bryan applauds. Roode catches Jinder in a big Spinebuster now.

Jinder counters again and rolls Roode up for 2. Roode blocks The Khallas and hits the Glorious DDT for the pin and the title.

Winner and New WWE United States Champion: Bobby Roode

– After the match, Roode takes the title and celebrates as his music plays. Bryan and Shane applaud from ringside. We go to replays. Bryan and Shane enter the ring to present Roode with the title and shake his hand. SmackDown goes off the air with Roode celebrating.

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