Mandy Rose Still Teasing Naomi Over Jimmy Uso -

Mandy Rose Still Teasing Naomi Over Jimmy Uso

Mandy Rose and Jimmy Uso

WWE has announced that Naomi and Mandy Rose will square off this Tuesday night on SmackDown LIVE.

Their storyline has been building over the last several weeks, with Rose playing mind games with Naomi by trying to seduce Jimmy Uso. Last week’s episode of SmackDown LIVE featured an angle where Rose gave Uso a key to her hotel room. Uso showed up and told Rose they can’t do this and it needs to stop. A photographer appeared and took pictures of Uso and Rose. It was revealed that Rose was just trying to destroy Naomi’s life by pretending to be interested in her husband, but Uso then left the room and sent Naomi in. Naomi and Rose brawled to end the segment.

Reacting to the news, Naomi tweeted the following:

Mandy continued playing her mind games by asking if Uso will be at ringside.

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