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Marc Mero

Marc Mero

Few individuals have made their WWE debut at wrestling’s greatest spectacle. At WrestleMania XII, the world saw what Marc Mero was all about when he came to the aid of Sable, who was being berated by Hunter Hearst Helmsley.

An appreciative Sable led him to the ring as he fought WWE’s infamous Superstars. Within a year of his debut, he defeated Farooq in a tournament to become the new Intercontinental Champion.

After recovering from a severe knee injury in 1997, Mero claimed he was “Marvelous.” With Sable on her way to mega-stardom, Mero grew jealous of the attention and the two violently parted ways.

During the remainder of his career in WWE, Mero retained the managerial services of Jacqueline and the duo often were at odds with Sable until his departure from the organization in 1999.