Nikki Bella Photos You Need To See -

Nikki Bella Photos You Need To See

Besides Nikki Bella‘s considerably large breast implants, members of the WWE Universe can differentiate her from her twin Brie through her ass!

With her curvaceous frame, Nikki noticeably sports a larger ass than her sister. Both twins don’t mind to admit that Nikki has the bigger booty.

“I have two beauty marks on my chest, and our faces are shaped differently. We joke that I have more of a banana head, and Nikki has an apple head. She has the bigger booty, too, which she’s proud of,” Brie told WWE Magazine in a 2009 interview.

Nikki added, “Oh, heck yeah! I carry way more curves than Brie. And I usually have a flower in my hair. I love celebrating my Mexican-Italian heritage, and a flower makes me feel Spanish . . . and pretty!”

During the September 1, 2015 episode of Total Divas on E!, Nikki accompanied Brie as she got a tattoo of a fairy removed from her ass!

“Can you believe that we got tattoos when we were fifteen?” Nikki told the laser technician, before revealing her burning heart tattoo on her own butt.

“I want to be a mom soon, so the fairy one just had to go,” Brie says. “I don’t even know how to explain it to my kids.”

“My heart on fire is cool,” Nikki says. “No, it’s not,” Brie replies.

John likes it,” Nikki responds. “Your fairy was weird.”

“Yeah, but the fairy is going away,” Brie counters. “Your heart on fire is not cute.”

Nikki then says she’s keeping her tattoo forever.