This Is One Big Reason Why Goldberg's Return To WWE Has Been A Success -

This Is One Big Reason Why Goldberg’s Return To WWE Has Been A Success


When Goldberg made his return to WWE last October, he quickly became the top babyface on Monday Night Raw. Goldberg, like Brock Lesnar, is a part-timer. He only works a limited number of dates and there is not on every show. Consequently, when Goldberg’s around, it feels like a big deal – like something you should pay attention to.

Many have pointed out that this could be because staying off WWE television actually increases your star power. By not being on television as much, he is neither over-exposed on weekly three-hour shows, nor subject to 50/50 booking.

According to Dave Meltzer in the latest issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, another reason for Goldberg’s success is due to someone else.

While reviewing the segment on Raw where Goldberg challenged Kevin Owens for the Universal Title at WWE Fastlane, Meltzer noted:

It’s a little known fact that the person pretty much responsible for everything Goldberg related is Heyman, which may explain why Goldberg’s promos are so much better than anyone imagined they’d be.