Priscilla Kelly Stuffs Tampon Into Her Opponent's Mouth (Video) |

Jim Cornette Reacts To Priscilla Kelly Stuffing A Tampon Into Her Opponent’s Mouth

Priscilla Kelly

Priscilla Kelly, who competed in WWE’s 2018 Mae Young Classic, is the center of controversy for utilizing a tampon as a weapon during a match last week.

Suburban Fight, which stages bar-style pro wrestling, hosted an event on December 30 at a music venue in Los Angeles, California. Every match on the card had no rules and no ring, so all of the action was done with a live crowd surrounding the wrestlers in an open space. Kelly faced a female wrestler by the name of Tuna, and while Tuna was laid out in a chair, Priscilla yelled out, You want a taste of the tuna?” Kelly then dug into her tights and pulled out what appeared to be a bloody tampon (almost certainly gimmicked) and stuffed it into her opponent’s mouth.

Video of this was posted on Twitter and has garnered over 600,000 views so far.

Gail Kim drew a lot more attention to it on Saturday by subtweeting in a critical manner.

The video then drew a wide-range of responses from Jim Ross, Joey Ryan, Tessa Blanchard, Hurricane Helms, Angelina Love, Velvet Sky, and Tommy Dreamer.

WWE producer Road Dogg also gave his opinion on the incident, which caused Ryan to question how it’s different from WWE showing Mae Young giving birth to a hand on TV.

Kelly defended the spot in a series of tweets:

Jim Cornette reacted to the incident and Kelly’s above tweet with the following:

Cornette also tweeted this to Road Dogg:

Kelly wrote “lol” in response to another tweet from Cornette complaining about her actions.

Kelly is 21 years old, a native of Georgia and has been wrestling for since 2015. She lost to Deonna Purrazzo in the First Round of the Mae Young Classic.