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Raquel No Longer With TNA


Tough Enough contestant turned Knockout Raquel has parted ways with TNA.

Raquel, whose real name is Gabi Castrovinci, confirmed her TNA status via Twitter when a fan asked if she was still with the company following a tweet that she is accepting bookings:


Raquel debuted in TNA a year ago through a vignette voiceover, discussing the idea of getting “payback” on an individual from her past. She was then involved in a short-lived storyline with Lashley. After the storyline was dropped, she moved on as a fitness guru for The BroMans, briefly teaming up with the tag team in a short-lived feud against The Decay.

Prior to joining TNA, Raquel was a contestant on WWE’s Tough Enough revival in 2015. She was eliminated early in the series and was not offered a contract.

Raquel currently holds the Shine Tag Team Championship with Santana Garrett.