Video Remembering The Superstars and Divas Who Left WWE In 2015 -

Video Remembering The Superstars and Divas Who Left WWE In 2015

AJ Lee

Borrowing from awards show video packages honoring men and women who died in the year prior, YouTuber mangler 989 released a New Year’s Day production remembering the Superstars and Divas who have parted ways with WWE over the last 365 days — or as fans call it, “future endeavored.”

The term comes from the standard company press release announcing a split between promotion and performer, where WWE wishes them the best in their future endeavors.

This year’s video pays tribute to:

Justin Gabriel – January 25
Rey Mysterio – February 26
AJ Lee – April 3
CJ Parker – April 3
Hulk Hogan – July 24
Layla – July 29
Billy Gunn – November 13
Solomon Crowe – November 24
Brad Maddox – November 25

There were more departures within the developmental ranks, but those individuals weren’t strongly featured on the NXT television show or didn’t appear at all.

In today’s WWE, there’s not as much talent turnover as compared to the past. For five consecutive years, from 2006 through 2010, WWE cut ties with 50 to 60 talents annually. There is no longer a “Black __day” where a slew of cuts would be made. This is due to WWE higher-ups feeling cutting a bunch of talents at once makes the company look bad, therefore affecting the stock price. Amazingly, no one on the main roster was sacked due to poor performance.

While it’s been a light year for departure in terms of numbers, the star power of those who did leave is tremendous, so this year’s video packs a punch.