Sami Calihan Stalks Eddie Edwards' Wife Alisha On Impact Wrestling (Video) -

Sami Calihan Stalks Eddie Edwards’ Wife Alisha On Impact Wrestling (Video)

Alisha Edwards

Weeks after breaking Eddie Edwards’ orbital bone with a baseball bat, Sami Callihan continued the mind games by stalking Edwards’ wife, Alisha Edwards, at their hotel.

Footage of Callihan stalking Alisha aired on last night’s episode of Impact Wrestling, with Callihan asking hotel staff if they can let him into his room after he locked himself out. However, the room they’re letting him into is Alisha’s.

This is Alisha’s first appearance on Impact Wrestling since May. She worked the company’s most recent set of television tapings in January, so fans should be seeing more of her in the coming weeks and months.

Alisha, who married Edwards in 2014, joined Impact Wrestling in January 2017 as part of a storyline with her husband. On the February 9, 2017, episode of Impact Wrestling, Edwards was on the verge of defeating World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Lashley when Davey Richards betrayed his best friend by pulling the referee out of the ring. Angelina Love then attacked Alisha, who were sitting in the crowd together in support of Eddie. Richards hit Edwards with the title and Lashley hit the spear to win the match. After the match, Richards choked out Eddie with a belt while Love forced Alisha to watch.

Alisha became an official Knockout last March after scoring the pinfall in a four-on-four tag team match at the One Night Only: Victory Road – Knockouts Knockdown pay-per-view. Immediately following the match, Karen Jarrett awarded Alisha a contract.

In May, Love slammed Alisha through a table to knock her out of action for a few weeks.

In July, Alisha and Eddie beat Love and Richards in a Full Metal Mayhem Match at Slammiversary to end the couple’s feud. Love and Richards parted ways with Impact Wrestling a few weeks later.

After months of not being used, it looked like Alisha was gone from Impact Wrestling as her profile was removed from the company website’s roster page when a lot of talent cuts were made. This was apparently a miscommunication error as her profile page was quickly added back to the Knockouts roster.

While Alisha is best known as ‘Eddie Edwards’ wife,’ she is no stranger to the ring. She’s been wrestling since 2006, mostly for independent wrestling promotions in the New England area under the name Alexxis Nevaeh. Here is footage of her wrestling Sasha Banks early on in the future WWE’s star career.

Here is more recent footage of Alisha taking on Barbi Hayden.