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Stephanie McMahon Explains Why She Got A Boob Job

Stephanie McMahon

Has there ever been a woman in the history of WWE that had fans talking about her boobs as much as Stephanie McMahon?

After taking some time off from television in May 2001, Stephanie returned in the summer with her breasts appearing to have been surgically enhanced, whether by design or otherwise, put the Divas’ plastic in the shade. Amidst speculation that she had her breasts enlarged, Stephanie said it was true during a radio interview.

While appearing on The Opie & Anthony Show on August 14, 2001, Stephanie said she underwent surgery the month before, shortly before she became the fictional owner of Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW). She also noted that her implants had become swollen and was massaging for medical purposes.

Stephanie explained she’d never been hurt by a fan sign until she saw one that suggested her breasts sagged. Now, she said, they weren’t saggy anymore. She could finally look in the mirror and be happy with her appearance.

Stephanie McMahon

During the same interview, Stephanie said her bra size was a D.

Linda McMahon addressed her daughter’s breast enlargement months later during an interview with Seth Mates of

Mates asked Linda, “How did you feel when Stephanie came to you and said she wanted to “enhance” herself?”

“My first concerns are always with health issues,” Linda said. “Stephanie had thoroughly investigated the procedure, and she had answers to all the questions that I asked, and so I felt comfortable that if that was something that she wanted to do, then she should proceed, and she had my full support.”

On April 30, 2015, Chris Jericho brought his uncensored podcast to the WWE Network with Stephanie in the hot seat. While reminiscing on some memorable moments they shared on television, Stephanie talked about her decision to get breast implants.

“I was reading all the Twitter comments about 10 questions you should ask me and all that kind of stuff and there were a lot of naysayers in terms of my breast enhancement surgery, or augmentation, whatever you want to say,” said Stephanie.

Stephanie McMahon

“But what had happened was, at one point in time I was heavier and then I had lost some weight and I didn’t like the way I looked and I wasn’t confident in how I looked. And so it was my own personal decision to have that done and I was proud of what I did.”

During the Attitude Era, Stephanie’s boob job got ridiculed by Jericho and “The Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment,” The Rock. Her augmentation was first acknowledged on Raw Is War on August 13, 2001, with Jericho mocking the noticeable growth of her chest. On the TitanTron, “Y2J” had a video still of a less-endowed Stephanie shown along a shot of her looking enhanced from the week before to show the difference.

“It seems like our little billionaire princess sure has grown over the last year! Well, in two specific places at least! Talk about foreign objects — you wanna say let the bodies hit the floor? I would say let the boobies hit the floor!” Jericho shouted to the raucous crowd.

Stephanie McMahon

Stephanie, now concealing her large chest with her arms, exclaimed, “I don’t know what you’re talking about Jericho! You must have some kind of imagination!”

Jericho suggested they go out to dinner to talk about it since there’s a Hooters restaurant nearby. Rhyno, who was by Stephanie’s side, took the microphone and told Jericho to come to the ring so he could knock some respect into him.

Later in the segment, Stephanie challenged Jericho and The Rock (who had joined “Y2J” on stage) to put their money where their mouths are by facing Rhyno and Booker T that night in a tag team match. Jericho accepted the challenge and thanked Stephanie by saying she’s the breast … er … best. The Rock then said he’ll teach Booker T a lesson in geography. They’d go everywhere and use Stephanie’s breasts as a flotation device.

When the topic of her boob job came up in a semi-joking way during a creative team meeting, Stephanie said that she would be happy to go along with the segment if the other writers felt it would elevate Jericho (according to Wade Keller of the Pro Wrestling Torch).

“She’s a great sport,” one of her coworkers told Keller.

Stephanie McMahon

The boob jokes continued during an in-ring confrontation with The Rock and Jericho on SmackDown! on October 18, 2001, as they took turns picking on her.

Stephanie said Jericho was jealous of The Rock and couldn’t be trusted because he would screw him the first chance he got. The Rock said that if anyone knew anything about screwing, it was her. Jericho said it surprised him that Stephanie wasn’t cheering for him because you can’t spell his name without using the letters “H” and “O.” The Rock then said he wanted Stephanie’s support, and if he had as much support as her push-up bra gave to her “big phony funbags,” then he would be unstoppable.

Jericho said that speaking of Stephanie’s funbags, but Stephanie quickly cut him off screaming. She said that she hated them both before running to the locker room in tears.

Jericho said, “Thanks for the mammaries!”

Stephanie McMahon

Even with WWE presenting family friendly, TV-PG broadcast programming today, boob jokes at Stephanie’s expense aren’t entirely off-limits. While offering a scathing evaluation of her performance as a principal owner of WWE on Raw on June 2, 2014, John Cena made fun of her boob job.

“I’ve had four surgeries that have taken me out of action. Your husband [Triple H], the showcase of what a WWE Superstar should be, has had surgeries that have taken him out of action. You [panning his eyes down at Stephanie’s chest] have had surgeries,” Cena said to Stephanie during an in-ring confrontation.

Stephanie immediately responded, “They put me in action, but that’s another story.”

While appearing on The Howard Stern Show on October 17, 2002, Stephanie said she underwent the procedure because she felt her boobs looked like “melted packets of butter.”

“Well, I lost a lot of weight. I had boobs when I was heavier and I lost a lot of weight and they were like melted packets of butter,” she said. “I just didn’t like the way they looked.”

Stephanie also said she thought about undergoing another augmentation due to a recent weight loss that made her breasts smaller.

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