Summer Rae

Summer Rae

When you’re as stunning as Summer Rae, you expect men to fall to your feet. And since the blonde bombshell made her WWE debut in 2013, that’s exactly what many have done.

Have Nude Photos and Videos Of Summer Rae Leaked Online? →
Coming off the heels of nude photos and videos of Paige leaking online without her consent, Summer Rae could be the victim of a similar hacking. Click here for details

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Have Nude Photos and Videos Of Summer Rae Leaked Online?

Summer Rae

Almost three years after a wave of private photographs of celebrities leaked online, “The Fappening 2.0” appears to be underway with the circulation of alleged naked pictures of Paige, Emma Watson, Amanda Seyfried, and other female stars.

Coming off the heels of nude videos and images of Paige leaking online without her consent, rumors began circulating that this hacking scandal involved other women from WWE.

Summer Rae is one of those women.

Among the bonanza of Paige content, there are images and a video floating around of a blonde woman who looks like Summer Rae engaging in sexual intercourse.

While the woman’s face is not entirely visible, the resemblance is so strong that it has fans wondering whether she’s Summer Rae.

Summer, however, was quick to shoot this down, albeit indirectly.

She tweeted on Saturday, “Why is my twitter blowing up with this mess?

“Y’all need to LOG OFF!!!!!!!”

The video in question was proven to come from an adult entertainment website. From the look of things, Summer may not be at risk, however, some online users claim to have private pictures of her.

On Sunday, the WWE star again implied that she had not fallen victim to a leak of nude images.

She wrote on Twitter, “As they say, dont believe everything you see on the internet. There’s people out there with a lot of time on their hands & a big imagination.”

Despite her denial, photos of Summer were in fact leaked. The batch includes at least one real nude photo.

The nude photo we can confirm as Summer is a selfie she took of herself in a red and black bikini slightly pulled down to partially expose her nipples.

While Summer’s face is not visible in the photo, we can tell it’s her because this photo shows the WWE star wearing the very same bikini.

The bikini photo was among the shots leaked of Summer, which includes some shots of the WWE star in her underwear.

Besides Summer and Paige, nude photos of ex-WWE Divas Kaitlyn and Maria Kanellis were also leaked online.

About Summer Rae

Summer Rae

They say behind every great man is a great woman. Given all this, Fandango’s immediate impact in the ring and on pop culture at large should have been no surprise with Summer Rae in his corner.

A devil in a blue dress on the arm of the dancing king, Summer proved herself to be far more devious than the average Diva. Tangoing at Fandango’s side, this fleet-footed femme fatale mixed her cutthroat instincts from her days in WWE NXT with her traffic-stopping good looks to become one of the premiere wild cards in the Divas division.

Using her unique blend of beauty and brains, Summer swung more than one contest in the favor of her boogieing boy toy. She has lured opponents into sneak attacks from Fandango, and even when she’s not actively interfering in the action, her sultry moves at ringside always provided a ready-made distraction for Fandango’s opponents.