Vickie Guerrero should pose naked
Vickie Guerrero has kissed a multitude of WWE Superstars throughout the years, including John Cena, Edge, Dolph Ziggler and Alberto Del Rio
Sherilyn Amber Guerrero, born in 1995, is the youngest daughter of Vickie Guerrero
On the July 8, 2013 episode of Raw, Vickie Guerrero was unfortunately fired from her post as the brand's General Manager
This is not a Vickie Guerrero fansite
Has Vickie Guerrero done porn? In addition to suffering multiple wardrobe malfunctions over the course of her career, Vickie Guerrero participated in a porn simulation for a 2009 episode of SmackDown. The net worth of Vickie Guerrero is not publicly known. I will, however, say that it's likely not great.

Vickie Guerrero

When the ear-piercing pitch of her squared circle proclamations weren't catching the attention of WWE fans, a simple "Excuse me!" would suit. After all, it was one ironhanded fist enclosing well-manicured nails that presided over WWE's most distinguished television programs: That of the hot and sexy Vickie Guerrero.

After acting as both the SmackDown General Manager and interim captain of Raw between 2007 and 2009, the WWE Board of Directors informed the widow of the late Eddie Guerrero that she would have to decide on one show to orchestrate. The night after WrestleMania XXV, Guerrero announced that she had chosen to be the General Manager of Raw - a role she presided over until quitting a mere two months later in distress. In reality, Guerrero had requested to part ways with WWE so that she could spend more time with her family. (Continued Below)


Just as she gained the role of General Manager on WWE's two top shows, Guerrero proved to have no problem grasping what she wanted. Enduring scandal after scandal, Guerrero was known for romantically fraternizing with the pool of WWE Superstars on the brand she governed. This has included the likes of Edge, who routinely capitalized on his wife's position to empower himself and secure a slew of World Championship reigns.

Often aided by her obedient nephew, Chavo Guerrero, she shook things up and shaped her brands to her own personal liking, no matter what anyone had to say about it. She even utilized her authority to steal the esteemed title of Miss WrestleMania from Santina Marella.

Following a brief hiatus from WWE in 2009, Vickie returned as the Official Consultant of SmackDown.

Just The FAQs - Vickie Guerrero

Frequently asked questions on Vickie Guerrero.

Has Vickie Guerrero ever posed nude for Playboy or appeared naked?

Vickie Guerrero appeared in a censored nude pictorial for WWE.com in January 2009. Click here to see the photos. She has not otherwise appeared naked.

Who is Vickie Guerrero's daughter?

Vickie Guerrero has two daughters, Shaul Marie Guerrero and Sherilyn Amber Guerrero. Shaul currently performs for WWE in NXT under the name Raquel Diaz. Click here to view her photos.

Does Vickie Guerrero have an account on Facebook?

Vickie Guerrero can be reached on Facebook at www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004286433452.

Does Vickie Guerrero have an account on Twitter?

Vickie Guerrero can be reached on Twitter at twitter.com/ExcuseMeWWE.

Vickie Guerrero To Be Inducted Into The WWE Hall of Fame?

Vickie Guerrero fights for her job against Stephanie McMahon

As seen Monday night on Raw, Vickie Guerrero's character was officially written off television, thereby ending a run that began in 2005. She participated in a match against Stephanie McMahon where the loser would be determined by who got tossed into a "puddle full of suspect muck" (according to the official WWE website) by the entrance ramp - Vickie lost following interference by Alicia Fox, Layla and Rosa Mendes. Vickie, however, got her retribution over Stephanie by throwing the principal owner of WWE into the muck pool. She then paid tribute to her late husband, Eddie Guerrero, by performing his trademark taunting mannerisms while leaving the stage.

With her departure from the company, there is talk of Vickie being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

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Latest Headlines

Vince McMahon Really Hates Sneezing

Don't sneeze around Vince McMahon

The Vickie Guerrero sneezing scenes on Raw the past two weeks are actually based on one of Vince McMahon's many eccentricities.

On last week's show, Guerrero accidentally sneezed on The Authority upon congratulating them on the termination of Brad Maddox and Daniel Bryan being hurt. An agitated Stephanie McMahon slapped Vickie and warned her that she had already fired her once. Then on this week's show, Guerrero accidentally sneezed on two cups of coffee she was bringing to The Authority - she shrugged her shoulders and proceeded to walk away with the contaminated drinks in hand.

If there is one thing Vince McMahon hates, its sickness. "There is no such thing as sick," was the usual response when someone would try to use it as an excuse in the world of WWE. So it should come as no surprise that if Vince is a workaholic and if anything gets in the way of his work, it makes him angry. Paul Heyman has said that Vince would get angry with his own sneezes because he can't control it.

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"Here's the best way I can tell you about Vince McMahon. It's the ultimate Vince control story," Heyman said in a 2010 interview. "If you're in the room with Vince McMahon and he sneezes, go on your Blackberry for the next 20 minutes because nothing you say to him is going to get through... Cause he gets really pissed off. Cause he can't control the sneeze."

Simply put, the WWE CEO is a bit of a hygiene freak and lives in constant fear of people's germs contaminating him and the precious air he breathes.

Did WWE Pull A Cruel Joke On Vickie Guerrero On Raw?

Vickie Guerrero
Vickie Guerrero is on her way out of WWE

Vickie Guerrero could finally be leaving WWE as early as next week.

"I believe next week is Vickie's last week. [Her angle on Raw with The Authority] leads to her leaving," said Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio (available via subscription at F4WOnline.com). "Even if it is another week, this thing ends with Vickie gone. She was meant to leave at WrestleMania, but agreed to stay to do the departure angle."

The Guerrero character has been a featured player on WWE programming for the last nine years, with her zenith occurring from 2007 to 2012 as a villainous authority figure. Her exit from the sports-entertainment organization has been long expected as news surfaced on the night of WrestleMania XXX that she would be leaving shortly after the annual event to pursue outside endeavors. WWE officials, however, convinced her to stay a little while longer so they could write her character out of storylines.

As seen Monday night on Raw, the wheels were set in motion for Guerrero to finally be put out to pasture. With Roman Reigns winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Qualifying Battle Royal, the official WWE website asks, "The only question left is what happens to Vickie Guerrero, who defied Authority and let Reigns into the contest in the first place. McMahons, after all, always pay their debts."

Vickie was left in charge of the show after Triple H escorted Stephanie McMahon out of the arena due to sickness. This was of course due to an unbelievable scene, although actually not for WWE, where Stephanie sprayed vomit all over Vickie from drinking tainted coffee that Reigns had spiked.

Triple H escorts a sick Stephanie McMahon out of the arena

The backstage reaction to the scene has been negative as there were some people shaking their heads. Some people in WWE even feel it may have been a cruel rib on Vickie that is based on a real-life issue. Her daughter Shaul previously battled an eating disorder, which led to her requesting her release from her developmental contract with the company in September 2012. She was brought back one year later, but the company opted to release her in late April due to poor performance. According to Meltzer, Shaul had a reputation of not taking wrestling training seriously and would frequently request time off from work.

The embarrassing scene mirrors Vince McMahon's hostile reaction to Vickie opting to leave the company five years ago. As a single parent, she felt it was important to spend more time with her fatherless teenage daughters during their crucial adolescent years. McMahon, however, was livid over Guerrero's decision, and then felt comfort in degrading her on television.

"[Vince McMahon] takes grievous offence and begins to rant and rave that Guerrero has betrayed WWE," reported Matthew Randazzo V for Power Slam upon learning of Vickie's decision to leave the company in May 2009. "From this point on, Vince's shameless lackeys curry his favour by pitching gratuitous pig and fatso jokes at creative meetings - which earn booming guffaws from Vince."

McMahon's ire shifted on-screen, with Santino Marella and his fictitious twin sister "Santina" insulting Guerrero for weeks, calling her a pig and making oinking noises. The storyline climaxed with Guerrero being placed in a Hog Pen Match at the Extreme Rules pay-per-view event on June 7, 2009 - Vickie and Santina brawl in a pen full of mud. With the Guerrero character refusing to be humiliated anymore, she quits her job as General Manager of Raw the following evening. After her announcement, she was joined in the ring by her estranged storyline husband, Edge. Requesting a divorce, the Rated-R Superstar viciously blasts Guerrero, calling her a "she-beast" among other insults.

During a 2012 interview with The Baltimore Sun, Guerrero was asked whether WWE's negative remarks toward her appearance bother her.

"They really don't bother me. Well, I guess they did to an extent, but not to where I was feeling bad about myself. It was who I was," she said. "We have beautiful women that work with us, and when I was in the locker room with them and we're dressing and stuff, I would look at them and be like, 'Oh, this is ridiculous. I'm going to change.' I wanted to feel good being a part of their group and to live a lifestyle that was going to be promoted with the WWE. Now when they say the jokes, it's like, 'Whatever.' [laughs] The jokes have helped grow my character to what it is. I just kind of roll with it and leave it behind me when I leave the arena. Again, there's the character and then there's the real person. You can't take what's going on at work personally."

Once Vickie is done with WWE, she will be heading to the field of medical administration - she has been taking online classes.


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