When Aksana inevitably leaves WWE, there is a good chance that she will pose nude
Aksana appeared naked during an episode of Raw in 2013 as her right breast came out of her top
Aksana suffered a wardrobe malfunction on a November 2013 episode of Raw due to her boob popping out
Aksana can write with her feet
One can never rule out Aksana getting into porn
Aksana appeared naked during an episode of Raw in 2013 as her right breast came out of her top


As an accomplished bodybuilder and fitness enthusiast, Aksana possesses many of the attributes necessary to become a successful WWE Diva. But instead of accentuating these positives, which include a victory at the prestigious 2009 Arnold Classics Figure International, Aksana chose to use her sensuality as her ultimate asset. (Continue Reading »)


Behind the power of her voluptuous frame and suggestive Lithuanian accent, Aksana believes she can make any man do anything she wants. The first victim of her aura was her NXT Pro, Goldust. While facing deportation from the United States in late 2010, Aksana subliminally convinced Goldust to marry her, thus allowing her to stay in the country. Once the marriage became official, however, the sultry Diva slapped her new husband across the face, revealing that she never had romantic feelings for him.

Following her stay on NXT, Aksana debuted on SmackDown on August 5, 2011. The new surroundings did little to change the Diva's manipulative mannerisms. Upon arrival, her target of choice was SmackDown's chief decision-maker Theodore Long.

For Your Information - Aksana

Has Aksana ever posed nude for Playboy or appeared naked?

Aksana has never posed nude for Playboy nor appeared naked.

Has Aksana suffered any wardrobe malfunctions?

Aksana suffered a wardrobe malfunction on the November 25, 2013 episode of Raw during the Divas 7-on-7 Survivor Series Elimination Tag Team Match as her left breast popped out. The Lithuanian beauty's brief display of nudity, however, was not shown on television as WWE's production department caught it on delay and briefly blackened the live feed.

Does Aksana have an account on Facebook?

Aksana does not have an account on Facebook.

Does Aksana have an account on Twitter?

Aksana can be reached on Twitter at twitter.com/AksanaWWE.

Does Aksana have an account on MySpace?

Aksana can be reached on MySpace at www.myspace.com/zivileraudoniene.

Does Aksana have a boyfriend?

On-screen, Aksana has been romantically linked to Antonio Cesaro and Theodore Long. Off-screen, however, her dating life is publicly unknown as she keeps her personal life private.

Backstage Details On Why Aksana Was Released By WWE

No longer WWE Diva material

On June 12, the axe came down hard on eleven WWE performers, some you had forgotten were actually employed by the company, and a few minor surprises, such as Aksana. Although the release of the 32-year-old bombshell came as a surprise to many wrestling fans since she had been fixture in the Divas Division, a behind the scenes report tells a different tale.

According to this week's issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Aksana had her number called after losing a lot of support behind the scenes - it was reported last October that she was a favorite of bodybuilding aficionado Triple H.

"The main people in charge of late had buried her for a long time," editor Dave Meltzer states. "She was past thirty, was not a good worker at all in the ring and she didn't have the look that she had when they first signed her years ago out of the bodybuilding world."

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The buxom beauty had been a personal favorite of WWE Executive Vice President of Television Production Kevin Dunn, but no longer was. His influence in regards to which female talent are featured on company programming is tremendous. For instance, when Fandango was appearing alongside various local dancers on a weekly basis last year, he nixed some talent from appearing on Raw and SmackDown due to his belief that they were not attractive enough for WWE television. He would make his harsh decision after the dancer had showed up to the arena to perform.

With some Diva wrestlers from NXT expected to be promoted to the main roster in the near future, a cut in the Divas Division isn't being seen as too big of a surprise. Aksana was only ahead of 34-year-old Rosa Mendes on the Divas totem poll, but she was saved when the producers of Total Divas selected her for the cast of the popular E! reality show.

The Lithuanian former fitness model who was trained from scratch by WWE never developed close to as much as she should have in nearly five years. That was quite evident when she accidentally broke Naomi's orbital bone in March with a terribly ill-advised kneedrop. With Aksana being broken away from Alicia Fox last week (the tandem materialized to counter the babyface Bella Twins, who have since split), there was no role left for her.

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