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Tessa Blanchard Wins the Knockouts Championship (Video)

Tessa Blanchard

Tessa Blanchard captured her first Knockouts Championship on last night’s episode of IMPACT!.

In a Triple Threat Match, Tessa was able to get the pin over Allie, resulting in Su Yung losing the Knockouts Championship.

Following her big win, Blanchard put the entire Knockouts Division on notice.

When the title change went down on August 12 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, IMPACT Wrestling spoiled it on Twitter by linking an article and video on TMZ Sports of Blanchard FaceTiming her parents shortly after winning the gold.

While Tully Blanchard, a WWE Hall of Famer and original member of The Four Horsemen, is her biological father, she actually called her stepfather, 80s star Magnum T.A.

Yung had been Knockouts Champion since beating Allie in a Last Rites match at an IMPACT! television taping on April 24. Yung will face Blanchard on next week’s episode of IMPACT! after using her rematch clause.