The Boogeyman

Former WWE Superstar The Boogeymn

Some of the toughest man to walk the planet are found in WWE, but when the lights go out they all fear The Boogeyman. Hailing from The Bottomless Pit, Boogeyman first began spooking the WWE roster in October 2005. Despite his unbelieveably creepy appearance, he managed to be a tough man to find. Hiding in various backstage locales, Boogeyman would only pop out to frighten fellow Superstars with a disturbing rendition of a classic nursery rhyme.

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Boogeyman’s in-ring debut came at the expense of Simon Dean on a December 2005 edition of SmackDown. After pummeling Dean within moments of the opening bell, Boogeyman went on to spook nearly the entire SmackDown roster, including John “Bradshaw” Layfield. At the 2006 Royal Rumble, Boogeyman made quick work of JBL, finishing him off with his patented Pump-Handle Slam. After the match, Boogeyman celebrated his first pay-per-view victory with a mouthful of live worms.

After turning back one former World Champion, Boogeyman focused his sinister sights on yet another past titleholder. On the grand stage of WrestleMania 22, he defeated the mighty King Booker, but not before planting a worm-filled kiss on Queen Sharmell. Boogeyman’s destuctive athleticism in the ring, coupled with his unparalleled ability to get inside a man’s head, has undoubtably caused a few Superstars to sleep with the lights on.

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Stephanie McMahon was born WWE royalty. Growing up, her father’s pioneering ways inspired her to share his passion for sports-entertainment. As Vince McMahon built WWE into a global empire, he passed along his wisdom and drive to his only daughter.

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Today, Stephanie is a pioneer herself, defying the notion that WWE is a “man’s world.” Stephanie shatters this stereotype in and out of the ring. By day, she champions executive strategies at WWE headquarters. By night, she makes hardened, muscle-bound tough guys cry on national television.

Stephanie is determined to blaze her own trail as a WWE monarch. She works around the clock laying the groundwork for the next era of WWE, keeping a close eye on today’s Superstars. Her actions may not always be popular, but are always “Best for Business.”