TNA Star Says Sunny Doesn't Deserve To Be In The WWE Hall of Fame - Her Response -

TNA Star Says Sunny Doesn’t Deserve To Be In The WWE Hall of Fame – Her Response


During an appearance on The Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast, Tyrus, formerly known as Brodus Clay, said the WWE Hall of Fame has gone downhill since the induction of Sunny (in 2011). In his opinion, Sunny’s induction has lowered the bar for who may be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in the future.

“From the fan’s perspective, it’s like what are the qualifications to get in the Hall of Fame anymore? I’m not saying that she didn’t deserve… You know what? I’m saying Sunny probably didn’t deserve to go [into the WWE Hall of Fame] as far as managers. Just saying. I don’t remember anyone going like, ‘the incredible insight from Sunny drove us to that victory,'” Tyrus said.

“And here’s the funny thing, like, it opened the door for a lot of different people that probably wouldn’t have gotten into the Hall of Fame.”

Sunny responded to his remarks on Facebook, writing, “Soooo it has been brought to my attention on Twitter that Brodus Clay doesn’t like me and recently bashed me on a podcast he did. My response??? “WHO????” HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.”