Kenny Dykstra and Mikey Gone From WWE |

Two WWE Stars Removed From The SmackDown LIVE Roster

Kenny and Mikey of The Spirit Squad have both been removed from the SmackDown LIVE roster, thus officially ending their return stint in WWE.

Sometime last week, their profiles on were removed from the SmackDown LIVE roster page and placed in the WWE Alumni section.

Kenny and Mikey left the WWE spotlight in 2008 but returned last October, re-emerging on SmackDown LIVE to assist The Miz in taking down Dolph Ziggler. The duo worked together through November, at which point WWE stopping using them on SmackDown LIVE without explanation.

Kenny and Mikey weren’t signed to WWE contracts, hence their quiet departure. Both wrestlers are continuing to work on the independent circuit. They will be wrestling together in the UK on Friday.

It was reported last November by Pro Wrestling Sheet that Kenny was fired from his day job for missing work to wrestle for WWE.

Kenny was given the axe at the non-profit charity he was a director at due to missing an excessive amount of days. He felt that missing work to try getting re-signed by WWE, as well as live out his dream once again, was worth the risk. However, no contract was offered to him by WWE.