Vince McMahon Wants To Stop Pushing The Ascension -

Vince McMahon Wants To Stop Pushing The Ascension

Mr. McMahon

This should come as no surprise, but WWE Chairman Vince McMahon is butting heads with someone in creative. This time, it is yet again his son-in-law Triple H. The two have butted heads creatively before as Vince wants to work for the market side and the money right now. Meanwhile Triple H wants to think long-term, and that hurts the dynamic between the two.

Vince used to think a lot about the future of his product, but due to problems lately where he fears what could happen during the launch of so many ventures, he wants guarantees. Something he was not always after beforehand. Keep in mind, this was the guy who thought of a football company to rival the NFL called the XFL.

Triple H now has that old McMahon thought of building toward the future and still working well in the now. The issue is that now they are butting heads over The Ascension, Konnor and Viktor.

Vince has not been impressed with the recently promoted duo thus far. This includes their look, promo ability and wrestling skills, which he feels is lackluster. Above all else, he feels the audience is not buying them and thus ready to move on. Triple H, on the other hand, feels they need more time to develop. Of course, Triple H’s fingerprints are all over NXT and a talent failure would be a huge blemish to the brand as well as his own credibility.

It was recently reported in the Wrestling Observer that Vince sometimes undercuts Triple H and makes him look bad. However, it could be a simple good cop/bad cop dynamic. The Observer says that there are no hard feelings between Vince and Triple H, so there is no major problem to be worried over. However when the two square off like this, Vince usually gets his way.