Backstage Tension Between Paige and Female WWE Star Over Alberto Del Rio

Alberto Del Rio and Paige

Fans have been buzzing over Alberto Del Rio and Paige going public with their romance.

On Thursday, the two were photographed arm-in-arm at Disney’s Magic Kingdom theme park in Florida.

A fan who met Paige that day claimed on Facebook they were holding hands while pushing Del Rio’s child in a stroller. A short while later, this photo surfaced on Twitter of Paige and Del Rio posing together with a couple.

The photos kept rolling in, and as you can see, the two grapplers look to be more than just friends.

Alberto Del Rio and Paige kissing

Because they’re wrestlers, fans are wondering if this is a storyline for Total Divas. PWInsider, however, reported that the relationship is legitimate and the two are dating.

Due to the relationship, there has been talk of Charlotte feuding again with Paige once her program with Natalya concludes.

Vince McMahon enjoys putting wrestlers in feuds he knows have tension with each other and things have been awkward behind-the-scenes between Paige and Charlotte in recent months. Del Rio had a fling with Charlotte shortly before he hooked up with Paige a few months ago.

Vince paid extra attention to their match on Raw last week to see if they would remain professional (there was nothing that would indicate Paige and Charlotte were taking liberties with each other). He has told creative to come up with some ideas in case he decides to revive their feud.

Their feud was cut short after Paige made a controversial scripted comment about the passing of Charlotte’s real life younger brother on an episode of Raw.