Bray Wyatt Buries Twitter User For Talking About His Relationship With JoJo

Bray Wyatt and JoJo Offerman

Bray Wyatt got rattled by a Twitter user who offered his opinion on the WWE Superstar’s relationship with ring announcer JoJo Offerman.

The Twitter user, who uses the handle @EmperorBigD, sent out a message on Wednesday afternoon saying that Offerman, who comes from a wealthy family (she was born in Hollywood, California and her father is a former professional baseball player), is “messing around” with Wyatt because of his personality (despite him having money and being a “fat neckbeard”).

Oddly enough, the tweet garnered a quick response from Wyatt even though the user didn’t tag him in it.

Wyatt then wrote:

The Twitter user said in response that he was putting Wyatt over and not criticizing their relationship.

Wyatt responded to him again with the following:

Wyatt’s relationship with Offerman has been a source of controversy as his estranged wife, Samantha, filed for divorce last June and accused him of having an affair with Offerman. More recently, Samantha claimed that he’s been using some of the required child support money on Offerman.

While Wyatt and Offerman have yet to publicly acknowledge their relationship, they’re not exactly hiding it either. They’re often seen arriving together to shows, including this week’s Raw in New Orleans, Louisiana.