Update On Charlotte and Bram’s Divorce

Bram and Charlotte

WWE Divas Champion Charlotte’s divorce from (suspended) TNA star Bram is almost finalized and some interesting details regarding their settlement agreement have surfaced online.

According to ProWrestlingSheet.com, both Charlotte and Bram agreed that money earned from their respective wrestling careers is ‘off limits’ from the other party. Additionally, Charlotte forfeited any rights to proceeds from Bram’s acting career:

Each party waves any right, title or interest in the wrestling career of the other party, including but not limited to, all entertainment, promotions, movies, advertising, etc. now and in the future. The Wife specifically waives all right title and interest in the known movies of the Husband, including but not limited to, “Best Buds”, “Blind Tag”, “Of Mice and Men, the Musical”, “The Adventures of William Strickland: Chick Magnet”, “Dragons of Camelot”, and “Crazy Lake”.

As part of the settlement, Charlotte will be keeping the home they lived in, which she owned before they were married, as well as her 2013 Mini Cooper. Bram will keep his 2000 Ford Mustang.

The former couple have another court date later this month to finalized the divorce.