Finn Balor Opens Up On His Injury: ‘The Moment I Got Injured I Knew It Was Serious’

Finn Bálor

In a series of tweets on Sunday afternoon, Finn Balor opened up about the labrum tear that forced him to vacate the WWE Universal Championship last Monday on Raw.

Balor said that he knew the injury was serious the moment he got powerbombed into the barricade by Seth Rollins at SummerSlam, and the severity of it was confirmed after hours of scans.

He noted that surgery was more complicated than expected, but vowed to make a comeback. Balor’s tweets are compiled below:

What a rollercoaster week. I woke up the morning of SummerSlam with nothing but positivity & feeling physically better than ever. The moment I got injured I knew it was serious, it was an instinctive reaction to pull on my wrist, I entered survival mode.

When the bell rang, I had won, I was the Champion, but I was reluctant to celebrate as I already knew in my heart what awaited at Raw. Disappointed yes, but I was CHAMPION and I was not missing an opportunity to fulfill my duty and appear on @GMA Monday morning.

After hours of scans & despite some hope, the worst was confirmed at 5 pm Monday. I would need surgery ASAP & relinquish the title on Raw. The most difficult part of relinquishing the title was when I came back through the curtain and I was over come by a feeling of inadequacy. Despite every emotion I had felt the previous 24 hours… I was still the CHAMPION. That gave me strength. Now I was not….

Tuesday at 3 am I traveled to Birmingham, Alabama. Dr. Dugas prepped me for surgery as a photo of Seth Rollins watched over us. What was supposed to be a 1 hr surgery turned into 4 hrs, as once I was opened up, the Dr. found a lot more to the injury the the scans showed. 180* labrum tear, torn bicep, pectoral tendon cartilage damage, and fracture to the glenoid neck socket (I have it in a jar on my dresser).

Wednesday morning at 5 am I awake after the surgery groggy and sore. The gravity of the situation began to set in. Rehab will start at 9 am. Thursday 5 am fly back to Orlando, check-in with Performance Center medical staff & we begin planning The Comeback.

Balor also talked about the surgery in a video interview with WWE, saying that it may take at least six months of rehabilitation to heal.