Hornswoggle Talks WWE Departure and 2015 WWE Wellness Policy Suspension


Hornswoggle appeared on the latest episode of “The Steve Austin Show: Unleashed” to discuss his WWE departure and more. You can check out the full interview at this link.

Regarding his WWE departure, Hornswoggle said he received a phone call around 9:30am last Friday and it “hit him like a ton of bricks.” While he hadn’t been on the road for six months, he was still receiving regular paychecks and was able to pay his bills. When he got the bad news, his first thought was his son and how he’s going to support his family. Hornswoggle said he’s not angry at WWE because they kept him employed longer than he ever imagined.

Hornswoggle went on to say that he received around 50 text messages between 10am and 3pm that day, with people in the business checking to see if he was alright. Hornswoggle also revealed that talents get paid for 90 days following their releases but due to the non-compete, they can’t appear on iPPV events or indie shows.

Austin also asked about Hornswoggle being suspended in September 2015 for violating the WWE Wellness Policy. Hornswoggle said he wasn’t angry about getting fired but he’s still angry about that suspension. He said he didn’t actually fail the Wellness Policy, he was just unable to provide a urine sample when he was asked for one. He understood they had to suspend him but he wasn’t happy with the generic report they issued on his “failure” because he didn’t fail. He asked WWE officials to phrase their announcement differently but they wouldn’t. Hornswoggle said this was the only thing in 10 years with WWE that rubbed him the wrong way.

Report courtesy of Mark Adam Haggerty at B+ Player Radio.