Jason Jordan May Never Wrestle Again

Jason Jordan

Jason Jordan underwent neck surgery in February and hasn’t wrestled since. Now, it doesn’t sound like the WWE Superstar is returning to action any time soon, if at all.

Jordan underwent neck surgery on February 6, which WWE Medical Director Dr. Joseph Maroon described as a “minimally invasive operation to decompress the nerve.” Dave Meltzer reported last month in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that his recovery from surgery “is worse than expected” and that he won’t be coming back “at the present time.”

In an update his situation, Mike Johnson said the following on PWInsider Elite ((h/t WrestlingNews.co): “I’ve heard there’s no timeframe on when Jordan will be returning to the ring, if at all. It’s bad. Apparently, it was a lot worse than they thought it was gonna be. You can’t mess with the neck.”

WWE pulled Jordan from wrestling in January, but still featured him on television in non-physical roles. This led to Jordan and Seth Rollins losing the Raw Tag Team Championship at the 2018 Royal Rumble in a match that saw Rollins handle all the physical action.

Jordan was written off Raw on February 5 when Raw Commissioner Kurt Angle ordered Jordan to go home until he was medically cleared to compete. The following day, Jordan’s wife downplayed the severity of his injury and said that he would “be back in no time.”

As recently as July, WWE’s creative team was under the belief that Jordan would return to action by the fall. According to WrestlingNews.co, plans for his return involving reuniting with Chad Gable as a tag team on Raw. In recent weeks, he has been working behind-the-scenes as a producer who assists wrestlers in structuring their matches.