Kofi Kingston on Using the Same Trainer as John Cena, the Importance of Sleep, Doing Capoeira

Kofi Kingston

– WWE Tag Team Champion Kofi Kingston recently spoke with Men’s Journal and gave workout tips to promote WWE Hell In a Cell. The full article is at this link. Below are highlights:

Keeping your trainers close:

“I’ve always been involved in sports, but I don’t have all the answers. The capoeira is something Eddy Gordo in Tekken would do. I’m a big video-game guy. He did all these different motions, and before you know it, you won by not doing anything at all. But to actually try and do that stuff in life is really complicated. [My capoeira trainer] Marrese Crump is very knowledgeable in that aspect, and if I could learn a tenth of what he knows, I would know so much more I did before. And I have a trainer too, Rob MacIntyre. He’s the same guy who’s been training John Cena his whole life. I go to people who have the knowledge I need to make myself better.”

The importance of sleep:

“It’s definitely important to find the time to fit sleep in. If I have a free moment, I’ll just crash. I don’t have a problem sleeping on planes or car rides or wherever. I try to get a few eight-hour sessions in on the weekends on the road or between shows. I am not the best example for somebody who gets enough sleep. The rest is almost as important as the actual workout. A lot of people run themselves into the ground, but you need that rest time to recuperate and recover.”

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