Samoa Joe on Being a WWE Superstar and His Unique Contract, Chris Hero Talks Kevin Owens and More

Samoa Joe

– Samoa Joe and Chris Hero, the former Kassius Ohno, recently appeared with James Kee and Dustin Perie on the SmashCast to promote their June 6th match for Smash Wrestling in Toronto. The full interviews can be found at this link. SmashCast sent us the following highlights:

Samoa Joe on now being ‘WWE Super Star Samoa Joe’:

“Careers and fate have a funny way of working, and I guess a lot of people, myself included at some point, didn’t think that those were words that would be said together – but here we are now and I’m very happy with it.”

Samoa Joe on his unique new contract:

“It’s a real new concept and I was definitely the test case for the new deal that I have. And it was definitely something that they felt would be beneficial for wrestlers who have an established career and aren’t really new to the game, in a sense of speaking. […] I was really mattered that I was a part of that first initial run of test cases to try that concept out, and I hope it leads to over very talented individuals getting a chance to join the ranks of WWE.”

Chris Hero on ROH & TNA both airing on Destination America:

“I saw a banner that said, was it June 3rd, Ring Of Honor on Destination America and I’m like, “Wow, that’s next week!” Good for Ring Of Honor. They (TNA) got so many talented guys over there and just TNA being in business and thriving is good for everybody in wrestling. So they’ve survived this long, hopefully they’ve got something in place to go from here. But I’m very happy for Ring Of Honor. This will be some really good exposure for them and the main thing I’m curious to see is how their ratings will stack up against the ratings that TNA was doing on that same channel. It will be interesting.”

Chris Hero on Samoa Joe & Kevin Owens being on WWE TV:

“Very unpredictable the way things have unfolded for both Samoa Joe and for Kevin Steen. Man, I think him showing up on RAW was amazing, and not just him showing up but completely obliterating John Cena, the face of the WWE correct. So, it’s fun, it’s exciting man, you never know what can happen. You don’t know if Samoa Joe is gonna turn up or…he’s keeping his name, that’s pretty cool! He’s himself, you know, this commodity he’s created for himself over the years that’s it, he’s there. Who knows what’s possible!”

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