Sasha Banks Biography

Sasha Banks

Sasha Banks was a founding member of the Beautiful Fierce Females, or BFFs, and though the group has disbanded, Banks is still one fierce, beautiful female.

It all began when Banks was told she was not strong or tough enough to make it in WWE NXT. This was a big mistake as Banks made it her personal mission to prove all doubters wrong, even if it meant unleashing a sinister side of her personality.

The Boston-based Diva branded herself “The Boss of NXT” and took out her aggression in feuds with Bayley, Emma and Paige, among others. She and Summer Rae even lured Charlotte, a second-generation Diva, to their side. Wrestling as a trio, the Beautiful Fierce Females bullied WWE’s NXT Divas division until Charlotte left Banks to fend for herself in a hard fought contest.

Competing on her own, Banks plans to use her high-flying arsenal and furious style to prove that she never needed help all along. All skeptics better beware.