Velvet Sky Distancing Herself From TNA?, BroMans Face The Menagerie, British Boot Camp Update

Velvet Sky

– With the future of TNA uncertain, it would appear that Velvet Sky has begun distancing herself from the promotion.

Earlier this week, she removed a mention of her affiliation with the company from her Twitter bio. Since returning to TNA in late 2012 following a sabbatical, she branded herself as “Pro wrassler chick 4 @ImpactWrestling.” She now only lists herself as a “Pro wrassler chick.”

It was the only change to her bio as the Impact Wrestling mention wasn’t removed in place of a new description. Her bio now reads, “Pro wrassler chick…I kick people 4 a living. Hardcore gamer w/NO FACEBOOK! Catwoman wannabe..Check out my apparel at”

– Comedy wrestler Grado has been cast in the upcoming season of TNA British Boot Camp premiering this fall on Challenge in the United Kingdom. Daily Record has published an article on his “big break.”

– This week on TNA Xplosion, The BroMans face The Menagerie.