WWE Cuts Two More NXT Wrestlers, Kofi Kingston On People Saying He Was Too Small For WWE

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On top of Zamariah “ZZ” Loupe, WWE has also released NXT wrestlers Josh Woods and Thomas Kingdon.

Woods was an accomplished amateur wrestler at the University of Central Florida and had competed in amateur mixed martial arts before joining WWE in 2014. He was a semi-regular at non-televised events in Florida, but only competed on television one time. Woods put over No Way Jose on the June 22 episode of NXT.

Kingdon was a former high school football player and competitive bodybuilder who WWE signed last year. He competed a handful of times at non-televised event, but never made it to television.

– Kofi Kingston offered advice for kids who want to grow up and become WWE Superstars.

“I take myself as an example — when I was in high school, I joined the wrestling team thinking it was a WWE-style wrestling. Obviously, amateur wresting is not anywhere close to what we do with WWE. I weighed about 97 pounds, and had to gain weight to make the lowest weight class of 103 pounds,” he said in an interview promoting WWE’s live event in Savannah, Georgia this Saturday.

“I always said I would be a WWE Superstar, and they laughed at me. They looked at me and said I was too small. You have to be 6 feet, 8 inches, you have to be 275 pounds and you can’t be a WWE Superstar. Down the line, 15 to 20 years later, those same people are asking me for my autograph.”

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