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About Darren Young

Darren Young

As the self-proclaimed “South Beach party boy,” the always flashy Darren Young lives for three things: Money, men and wrestling.

But Young wasn’t always the entertaining character for which he has become known. Following his elimination from the inaugural season of WWE NXT, the young wrestler developed a no-nonsense personality as a founding member of Nexus. As a part of the rebellious faction, Young retired his signature pearly-white smile and began sporting a grimace while ganging up on WWE Superstars when they least expected it.

Nexus’ style of gang warfare eventually turned its target on Young. Following a loss to John Cena on the August 16, 2010 episode of Monday Night Raw, he was attacked by his own-running mates and exiled from the faction he helped build.

Young flew under the radar in early 2011 before returning to NXT during the fifth season March. While there, he was able to resurrect his smile, but still competes with the fierceness he displayed while in Nexus.