Who Is Lana?


Known as “The Ravishing Russian,” Lana is the International Social Ambassador for Rusev, a Bulgarian WWE Superstar hell-bent on “crushing” his opposition. Well-educated and connected in the Russian socio-political scene, Lana is planning a hostile takeover of the sports-entertainment organization and has just the means to do it.

“The Super Athlete” operates on Lana’s command. His rampage serve to spread Lana’s message that “Resistance is futile.” Her bombastic acclaim for the unpopular Russian President, Vladimir Putin, has incited wrestling fans, who can only watch while she takes pleasure in another vicious assault by Rusev. As “The Bulgarian Brute” continues to dominate his opponents in WWE, she becomes more aggressive in lauding his virtues. “The Ravishing Russian” appears to hold a tyrannical control of Rusev, which has inspired his merciless display of destruction against the American way of life.

“The Ravishing Russian” authoritative’s introduction of Rusev has bred fear and anger among the masses, and she has only begun.